The field of technical analysis is based on three important assumptions: The price of a security automatically factors in economic conditions. The impact of events such as interest rate changes, or the latest inflation reports are automatically factored into the currency price through the actions of buyers and sellers in the market.

We have zero tolerance policy towards spammers. Technical analysts believe that prices move in trends, and price movements generally follow established patterns that can be partly attributed to market psychology based on the widely-held belief that participants in markets react in a similar fashion when faced with similar situations.

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Volatility describes the degree by which an exchange rate varies over time and tends to increase just prior to a rate reversal. Fibonacci work on the theory that after a rate spike in either direction, the rate will return part way back to the previous price level before resuming in the original direction. Trade forex and CFDs while referencing an extensive list of leading edge indicators and drawing tools. Try our new beta currency tools and updates. Develop your trading strategy and learn to use trading tools for market analysis.

Learn the skills necessary to open, modify and close trades, and the basic features of our trading platform. Price Chart And Patterns. A trading strategy can offer benefits such as consistency of positive outcomes, and error minimization. Technical analysts track historical prices, and traded volumes in an attempt to identify market trends. They rely on graphs and charts to plot this information and identify repeating patterns as a means to signal future buy and sell opportunities.

Introduction to Trading Analysis. Leveraged trading involves high risk since losses can exceed the original investment. A capital management plan is vital to the success and survival of traders with all levels of experience. Learn risk management concepts to preserve your capital and minimize your risk exposure. Seek to understand how leveraged trading can generate larger profits or larger losses and how multiple open trades can increase your risk of an automatic margin closeout.

Introduction to Capital Management. Execution speed numbers are based on the median round trip latency measurements from receipt to response for all Market Order and Trade Close requests executed between August 1st and November 30th on the OANDA V20 execution platform, excepting MT4 initiated orders.

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