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Bwang3 Without Dolly graphic 3 Long entry. MA >Middle Bollinger Bands (),Ribbon Green and MACD Dodge Blu. Re-Entry on retracement on ribbon green whit macd dodger blu.

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There can be couple of different scenarios that will shape the future of the country. Both politically and economicly. Gold will rise together with the usd. Is that really possible? Because America keeps on being the only super power.

Beating China, Russia and Iran in the Syria both politically and economicly. Gold reserves are once more going high in value. As the usd rises the gold is decreasing in its value. But only on the charts. We will simply witness the historie. At this point, a large financial surge occurred right to the round number from underneath of Polarity indicator.

Price then moved towards the opposite end of Polarity indicator after it moved away from round number. The first of the two circles in the illustration represents first entry signal by indicating a bullish engulfing candlestick. The second circle represents a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern that is indicated by the white horizontal line and is closing over the current range and a quazi-morning star both of which indicate a further possible entry.

The Difference between Bladerunner and Bladerunner Reversal: There is a major difference between these two widely used strategies. In the case of traditional Bladerunner strategy, the trade moves in the direction of the trend after bouncing from the Polarity indicator where Bladerunner waits for the confirmation of the trend first. On the other hand, when the price reverses after the completion of the trend to close the price on other side of the Polarity indicator, the Bladerunner reversal comes into play.

However, Bladerunner reversal also trades in the trend direction. The price closing on the right side of the trend actually determines this direction. The above example is a bullish perspective of Bladerunner reversal strategy. The following graph indicates the totally opposite proposition that is the bullish perspective of the Bladerunner reversal from underneath of the Polarity indicator. Here, the price is repeatedly closing below the polarity indicator after its upward move has completed and it has further broken down.

The underneath of the polarity indicators is then formed by a circled evening star pattern.