Handbuch des allerhöchsten Hofes und des Hofstaates seiner K. und K. Apostolischen Majestät ..

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Tishchenko; Winona Lake, IN: The collection is prefaced by a detailed General Introduction, which offers an invaluable examination of issues related to. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

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anthelmintic resistance has been widely reported in livestock and it may also only be a matter of time before this phenomenon occurs in parasites of humans. Table 1.

Staging the Savage God: The Grotesque in Performance examines the aesthetic complicity shared by the two in both art and theatre and presents a general theory of the grotesque. Remshardt investigates the aesthetics and ideology of grotesque theatre from antiquity—in works such as The Bacchae and Thyestes—to modernity—in Ubu Roi and Hamletmachine—and opens up new critical possibilities for the analysis of both classical and avant-gardetheatre.

Divided into three sections, Staging the Savage God first interrogates the grotesque as primarily a visual artistic and theatrical mode and then inventories various critical approaches to the grotesque, establishing the outlines of a theory with regard to drama. In the most extensive part of the study, Remshardt shifts his emphasis to the theatre of the grotesque, from self-consuming tragedies and the modernist trope of the artificial human figure to the characterology of the grotesque.

Written in an engaging style and aided by nine illustrations, Staging the Savage God is a comprehensive and rigorous study that incorporates critical approaches from disciplines such as philosophy, psychoanalysis, art history, literature, and theatre to fully investigate the historical function of the grotesque in performance. It represents a selection of the best research presented at the international, interdisciplinary Comparative Drama Conference.

This edition includes papers from the 33rd annual conference held in Los Angeles, California. Kate Blackweel Turner-Walker Language: Presented here for the first time is a major collection of essays, written by the Theatre and Intermediality Research Group of the International Federation for Theatre Research, which assesses intermediality in theatre and performance.

The book draws on the history of ideas to present a concept of intermediality as an integration of thoughts and medial processes, and it locates intermediality at the inter-sections situated in-between the performers, the observers and the confluence of media, medial spaces and art forms involved in performance at a particular moment in time. Referencing examples from contemporary theatre, cinema, television, opera, dance and puppet theatre, the book puts forward a thesis that the intermedial is a space where the boundaries soften and we are in-between and within a mixing of space, media and realities, with theatre providing the staging space for intermediality.

The book places theatre and performance at the heart of the 'new media' debate and will be of keen interest to students, with clear relevance to undergraduates and post-graduates in Theatre Studies and Film and Media Studies, as well as the theatre research community.

Each chapter is standardised for easy comparison and written by a recognised expert in his or her country. This groundbreaking work enables the reader to develop a thorough practical understanding of national accounting practices and be fully at home with financial statements in an international context.

Each volume includes a detailed reference matrix listing approximately key accounting subjects and their treatment across all regulatory and accounting regimes. Walter de Gruyter Format Available: The rules presented in this volume of "Principles of European Law" deal with commercial agency, franchise and distribution contracts, and with other contracts where one party uses the other party's skill and efforts to bring its products to the market.

Although these Principles are not directly applicable to other long-term commercial contracts, some of the Articles may be applied to such contracts by way of analogy where appropriate. The economic function of all three contracts is that they are instrumental in bringing products to the market. They are so-called vertical agreements, as they are agreements between economic actors on different levels in the production and distribution chain. Obviously, the economic importance of these contracts is enormous since they form the connection between producers and retailers who sell the products to consumers and other final users.

There are only very few economic sectors where producers regularly sell their products directly to final consumer users. Goodwill compensation after the ending of a distribution contract, the moment at which the agent's commission is due, the franchisor's obligation to maintain the good reputation of the network are but a few examples of issues where specific rules are needed in order to give legal practice some guidance and to provide practitioners with a reasonable degree of legal certainty.

Kluwer Law International Format Available: It is nearly ten years since the appearance of the successful first edition of this convenient English-language introduction to the law of Germany.

This new edition covers all the significant changes and innovations that have occurred during that period, encompassing the pervasive impacts of European law and of globalisation, the major recent reform of the German Civil Code, and the greatly increased activity of the German legislature in every area.

With fifteen lucid chapters written by academic expects in their respective fields of law, as well as detailed bibliographies, this is the ideal starting point for research whenever a question of German law must be answered. The authors clearly explain the legal concepts, customs, and rules arising from such basic elements as the following: Introduction to German Law, Second Edition provides an authoritative description of all issues likely to emerge in the course of normal application of German law in any context.

Throughout the second half of the 20th century, fundamental differences in values and policy can be discerned in British-German relations.