Candlestick Patterns Indicator for MT4

Forex Trading Strategies Where The Candlestick Pattern Indicator MT4 Can Be Used Any price action trading system that uses forex reversal candlestick patterns as buy and sell signals is a good candidate for this indicator.

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Master Switches

Candlestick Patterns Indicator for MT4 Posted on January 29, in Indicators 2 It can be a big pain when you are trying to find CandleStick Patterns like Herami, Shooting Star, Doji, but with Candlestick Patterns Indicator .

The advantage here is the Battle station can monitor the market tick-by-tick, and as soon as a high quality candlestick pattern is detected, you will be notified about it either by:. If the master switches are not on, the features they control will be disabled, period.

A master switch is a quick way for a trader to quickly turn off a feature without having to go through all the individualized options. For each group, there are separate master switches for the drawing module, and the notification module. The inside candle notification master switch is turned off by default on passive 4 hour, and 1 hour scanning, to avoid excessive notifications about inside candles forming frequently on your charts.

The Battle Station will mark any detected candlestick pattern you told it to , on the chart by drawing a color coded vertical line down the center of the candle range. The color channels operate in pairs, so just make sure set each pair with matching settings. You can also change the width in the adjacent column to the color setting, making the candlestick marker draw thicker if you so desire….

Change the width number to get a more emphasized vertical candlestick pattern marker. Probably the most chased after class of candlestick pattern are the reversal group, for good reason.

Catching a nice candlestick reversal signal that has value and context within the recent price action can be very lucrative. As per most features of the battle station, there is a set of options for the chart drawing, and a set of options for the notification system. Think of it like this — a pin bar is a weaker version of a Rejection candle.

The pin bar has a small body, and resembles that pin shape. Notice how the rejection has a thicker body. Rejection candles usually are larger in range as well.

The Battle Station can detect both of these patterns on the chart and send you notifications when it finds them. They are pretty self explanatory. You can individually toggle drawing and notifications options.

There are some passive time frame candle scanning options. More on that later in the guide. Traders report back these are very informative and really convenient alerts — which I agree with from my own experiences. Another question that I get all the time is: This one can be tricky to answer, because the answer to this is heavily opinionated — there is no text book definition we can follow, they are loosely described in the industry. Therefore everyone has a different opinion on what an engulfing candle should be, and what an outside should be.

The Engulfing candle first breaks the high or low of the previous candle, then shoots back in the opposite direction. For the Outside candle however, it initially forms under the same conditions, but it must close outside the previous candles range. Above is an example of the Battle Station pushing an alert about an outside candle that was detected. Below is an example engulfing candle alert. They form when the market takes pause, and grinds in a tight range.

These kind of price action patterns can lead to strong breakouts, which is why they are respected as breakout catalysts.

The inside candle is a very common price action entity. It is probably the most common candlestick pattern that forms on your charts — hence why notifications are off by default. Many very successful Forex traders trade what they call Price action.

Price action is very clearly depicted in candle formations that indicate and identify reversal and continuation formations. The Free MT4 Forex Candle Stick Pattern indicator Download can be done from our forum — unfortunately the website does not allow the indicator file type to be downloaded for this website.

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