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The broker's 'standard' account is considered the one which services the most customers, and is denoted in the comment of each spread. All listed brokers are considered by Forex Factory to be 'properly regulated,' meaning they are regulated by an agency that enforces strict compliance standards, fair dealing practices, and periodic audits.

Margin requirements for each underlying are listed on the appropriate exchange site for the contract. Setting up a demo or practice account can offer an opportunity to do trade on a live account without putting any money at risk and most Forex brokers offer this feature. Brokers offer this option with varying time frames and different amounts of virtual trading funds but even for a short period of time, the use of a demo account offers sufficient opportunity for you to grasp the concept of Forex trading and learn the ins and outs of currency price movements. IB offers significant value to active traders who can meet the requirements. The Margin Loan is the amount of money that an investor borrows from his broker to buy securities.

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Forex Broker Comparison. Looking for the best online broker for stock, options, or FOREX trading?'s advertising partners are among the best online brokerages in the business and the.

The more contracts traded in a month, the lower your fees become. Other fees, such as exchange execution and clearing fees by markets, apply to TradeStation futures trading, depending on the exchange membership level of the trader e. Active traders and institutional clients get even better execution, liquidity and spreads, with spreads as low as 1 pip e.

Bonds and mutual funds: The first 10 option contract cancelations are free of charge so long as the total cancelations do not exceed the number of orders for the day on the per-contract commission pricing. The per-share pricing has no cancelation fees.

The fixed plan is a flat rate for each transaction e. VAT, exchange and regulatory fees are included. Not all fees are included in the fixed rate commission, rather some e. Savings passed along to the traders include a share of the rebates from the exchanges. Commission, Fees And Customer Support. IB targets seasoned, well-funded active traders and trading institutions such as hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. This is reflected in its high minimum account opening balance requirement e.

Stocks, ETFs and warrants: In Europe, the fixed commission is usually 0. Austria, Germany, Belgium and France and varying maximum commissions. Some exceptions apply, where fixed commission in the Nordic countries Sweden and Norway is 0. A tiered commission, as explained before, drops as the trade value or shares increases; unlike the fixed rate, both rebates and fees from the exchanges are passed along to traders.

The tiered commission, based on the number of traded shares per month, ranges from USD 0. The tiered pricing is illustrated in the table below. The tiered commission structure in Europe is illustrated in the table below. The table below illustrates the tiered commission structure for options in the US. Futures and Futures Options: IB charges both fixed rate and tiered per trade commission for its futures and futures on options.

In the non-US markets, the fixed rates are priced either as a flat rate per transaction e. The table below is an example of the tiered commission in the US and few other major markets. The requirements range from a low 2.

Corporate bonds and municipal bonds munis trade in the US at the tiered commission rate of 10 bps or 0. Treasuries transact at the tiered rate of 2. The minimum commission for all bond trades is USD 5. Metal Commodities gold and silver: They trade on fixed commission rates of 0. The annual storage cost of physical assets is 10 bps. The European funds trade both at the fixed rate and at the tiered commission rate.

The fixed rate is 0. The tiered commission rate, only applicable to European funds, ranges from 0. Broker-Assisted Trades only in the US are priced as follows: Interactive Brokers is ripe with many types of fees that traders need to be aware of e. Trade all the primary investment products: But don't just take our word for it; each Forex broker review also includes feedback from real traders, so that you can make a comfortable, informed decision.

When researching the best online Forex brokers there are many aspects to consider. Regulated brokers are certainly the most secure and for this reason alone we only recommend regulated entities as our top Forex brokers. You can do this quickly and easily by reading our Forex broker reviews and checking our Forex broker ratings. Browse our Forex broker reviews now! This should not constitute as advertisement in the territory of Belgium, France and Netherlands.

The company was founded in and since then, IFC Markets has expanded the range of services provided and has been focused on the development and implementation of innovative approaches to trading. The group was founded in , at the dawn of the modern retail brokerage industry.

FXCM was listed among the fastest growing companies by Inc. It is regulated and licensed in each of them. Forex is easy to learn and success can come with the very first trade. Understanding how the final analysis of profit and loss is configured is an important first step in Forex trading and a certain amount of Forex training is definitely a prudent undertaking by all traders if any money is to be made in currency trading.

Understanding the technical and fundamental reasons behind currency pairs and how they affect price movements as well as knowledge of and familiarity with Forex indicators and tools, leads to a more successful trading experience. Forex is just one of many investment vehicles a trader can choose and like all other financial instruments, both gains and losses are part of the game.

One of the best ways to boost your chances of success in Forex is to understand the ins and outs of currency trading. Setting up a demo or practice account can offer an opportunity to do trade on a live account without putting any money at risk and most Forex brokers offer this feature. Feeling secure with a broker is of major importance to a trader and should be validated before opening a trading account. Traders often need to contact a broker representative for clarification or additional information.

Contact information should be listed on the landing page and should include telephone numbers and email addresses. Live Chat offers immediate contact with an online rep and is available with most brokers. Brokers usually offer their clients a choice of different trading accounts. Accounts can differ according to the amount of money required to open the account, fixed or floating spreads, varying leverages and more.

Bonuses can also be contingent on the type of account opened. Brokers tend to provide a choice of accounts and their main difference may be the amount of the initial deposit. Deposits can be made in a variety of different ways, but credit cards and bank wires are the most popular methods with online payment systems gaining popularity. In most cases, there are no charges for opening an account with a broker.

When deciding with which Forex broker to open an account, you should look carefully at all charges and fees and especially the percentage of pips included in losses and profits as this can determine the final outcome of the trade. Most brokers offered traders a certain amount of leverage to enable them to increase their investment amount.