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Transfer between more than 25 currencies from all over the world and benefit from excellent rates and super speedy transfers. Register now Why thousands 1 st Contact Forex.

Enjoy their flexible payment options. New Zeland Dollar Clear fees and fee calculator. You will also be assigned a dedicated broker who will personally work with you to achieve your goals and offer support and advice whenever you need. Money transfer companies deal with the currency market everyday and can offer you some of the best exchange rates as a result, better than if you were to use your bank.

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Then Western Union is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to transfer funds worldwide. Western Union – how to send money. How to send money: 1. Go to your nearest FOREX bank or X-change shop. They are all Western Union agents. 2. Fill in the necessary information on .

Before you start, you need to be familiar with the basics and common terms like PIP, ask price, bid price, spreads and currency rate. Trading is both, art and science. You should be ready to play and workout with the charts, figures, ratios to tune profit from fluctuating exchange rates. There are various online tools and resources available that can help you in learning and trading FOREX. It can be your thrilling hobby and a great way of making that extra income.

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If you wish to speak to someone: Global Payment Solutions 5. Save money with competitive exchange rates and pay low or no fees at all. Secure online platform using minimum bit SSL certificates to encrypt traffic and Thawte online security and protection.

Check our supported currencies list for the currency you need. Australian Dollars AUD 2. Bahraini Dinar BHD 3. Canadian Dollars CAD 4. Czech Koruna CZK 5. Danish Krone DKK 6. Hungarian Forint HUF Iceland Krona ISK Indian Rupee INR Israeli Shekel ILS Japanese Yen JPY Kuwaiti Dinar KWD Mexican Peso MXN Norwegian Krone NOK Polish Zloty PLN Pounds Sterling GBP Qatari Rial QAR Saudi Riyal SAR Singapore Dollar SGD Swedish Krona SEK Swiss Francs CHF Thai Baht THB Turkish Lira TRY Open an account instantly.

Live exchange rates guaranteed 3. Online or over the phone booking 4. Set a rate alert 7. East Caribbean Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Mexico New Peso New Zeland Dollar South African Rand Worldwide payments in minutes 2.

No transfer fees 4. Authorised by the FSA 5. Clients funds are securely held in a segregated client account by our banking partner Barclays. Low fees and Great exchange rates 2.

Unrivalled customer service 4. No minimum transfer amounts 5. Every 5th transfer is free 6. Secure online system, accessible 24 hours a day 7. Convenience of being able to transfer funds online, via telephone or through a retail location 2. More than , locations around the world to send of collect funds 3. Cash payout in minutes 5. Send money directly to a bank account 7. New Taiwan Dollar New Turkish Lira