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If you are supervisor, we have also added a curriculum including some very brief video demonstrations to help you learn how to assign and track training to your staff. That's what we're here for! Types of learning include self-guided modules, archived webinars, and reading resources as well as live webinars and in-person trainings.

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You are more than welcome to follow any diet or exercise program of your own to make your transphormation. Just be sure and document it as the more video content the better when selecting winners!!

In fact, you are automatically re-entered. Just because you didn't win, didn't mean we didn't like your entry. Keep in mind that we get tens of thousands of entries and it's really tough to narrow that down to just one or two people Because of this, any entries that do not win will automatically be rolled over into the next challenge.

That being said if you continue to transphorm we highly suggest you update your pics and videos so we can see the best version of you!

Heck ya, we can. That's what we're here for! Not only do we have meal plans, exercise plans, recipes and other tips on the site to help you along the way That means not only are we committed to helping you achieve your goals, we'll also be capable of doing whatever it takes to help you get there!

Shoot us an email or call us anytime! Email Address Password Forgot? Register For This Site. Enter your email below, and we'll send you a new password. Free access when you enter today. You're Not In This Alone You cannot earn credit for course until you pass the exam. You are able to retake the exam until you earn a passing score. Continuing education cannot be provided retroactively for any profession.

While you can re-review a prior training at any time, the original completion date will remain the same. For this reason, we are unable to provide continuing education hours for courses that are re-taken.

We invite you to take advantage of one of our other valuable trainings. Please check the course listing for your profession to ensure the course you took is listed for continuing education and that you completed the course after the date continuing education was approved.

For further questions regarding continuing education requirements outside of NYS, please contact the board of the state in which you have your license.

You can find the accreditation statements for each profession by clicking here. I'm a new user. How do I navigate the learning community? What are the system requirements? Minimum computer specifications to view trainings in the learning community: Minimum color quality requirement is bit color; optimal color quality is bit color Plug-ins: Available Hard Drive Space: We recommend you try the following troubleshooting tips: Check to ensure that you have the latest plugins and version of flash Check to ensure that you are operating in a flash compatible browser Please check with your IT team to check for blocked communications specifically from Akamai: Open Chrome and enter the URL chrome: In the middle of a module, there are chances to practice what we have learned.

Does my supervisor or anyone else know if I get any of those practice questions wrong? The computer does not track what you get right or wrong for those practice questions. When I take the test at the end of a module, will my supervisor or anyone else know if I don't pass it one or more times?

Of the 39 FIT modules, which should I take? What Should Clinical Supervisors Take? What Should Program Leadership Take? For what professions do you offer continuing education?

Where can I find a list of courses approved for continuing education? How do I obtain my certificate once I have completed training? Do I still earn credit for the course?