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Conglomerates include organizations with diversified manufacturing, diversified services, diversified trading, and multi-line business activities. These will be the members that we will add to our database and who will be sent e-mail blasts. Strategy To promote the development of South African and UAE business and social relations by providing relevant information required to successfully pursue lucrative opportunities in South Africa and the UAE facilitated through a formally recognised networking framework. Profile SABCO was established as a voluntary, credible non-profit organisation in with the aim of providing a meeting and networking point of contact for business people who have an interest in, or business connection with South Africa and the UAE.

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Please enter valid URL. Skip to main content. Browse Companies by Activity, Age and Location. September 16, Company Size: Login to view Track this company. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. Companies that create, operate, engage in, sell, and distribute media content in text, visual, or sound messages.

The industry includes companies involved in the production, modification, transfer, distribution, replication, or publishing of media content through television, radio, film and video, magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, electronic devices, and computer networks , companies engaged in media-related services such as contracting with performers, providing technical pre-production, post-production, or publishing services, manufacturing related equipment and products, as well as companies involved in the distribution, reproduction, and sales of media content.

Companies that own commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate properties. Companies that produce, market, bottle, and distribute nonalcoholic beverages including soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, health, energy, and nutritional drinks, bottled water, and ice.

Companies that engage in creating, planning and handling promotion for businesses, in order to affect perception, arouse consumer desire to make a purchase or take a particular action, and ultimately increase the businesses' sales of products or services. Companies that provide various business services to their clients including advertising, auctions, business consulting, commercial cleaning, legal, public relations, repair and maintenance, security, translation and interpretation, staffing, survey and statistics, technical and scientific research, fairs and exhibitions, parking facility management.

Companies that process, manufacture, distribute, and market foodstuffs and beverages for human consumption. The industry includes companies that process raw materials of animal and vegetable origin into food products, wholesalers of manufactured food products, and companies that produce, market, and bottle alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices, water, coffee and tea, and other beverages.

Holding companies that engage in a variety of industries either directly or indirectly by acquiring other enterprises such that they form a group of companies run as a single organization and under common ownership. Conglomerates include organizations with diversified manufacturing, diversified services, diversified trading, and multi-line business activities.

Companies that develop and own commercial and residential real estate properties for sale or rent. The developers generally acquire land for their projects. Such programming may originate in their own studio, from an affiliated network, or from external sources. Companies that manage and operate real estate properties that include residential, commercial, touristic, and mixed-use properties also referred to as "Facilities Management". Companies that organize shows or displays for the purpose of trade or for promoting industrial, agricultural, scientific, charitable, learning, craft, cultural, social, religious, or other activities.

Special Coverage Saudi Transformation The economic reforms aim to free the kingdom from oil dependence.