FX Profit Mountain By Ashkan Bolour Who Has Been Featured In Kathy Lien’s Millionaire Traders!

You see, Ashkan has been a manual trader, and while he has been profitable, and had a very good life, he also wanted something more. The deposit your fund into your trade on as nicely. Does it really depends upon how your limits and the indicators. Abe Cofnas Abe is an experienced trader with over twenty years as an equity broker, futures trader and technical analysis instructor. Obviously, anyone would be fascinated with the capability to Automate profitable forex trading.

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Everyone would… I know I would, and I hope it is not a stretch to assume that you would love this as well! However, unfortunately, automated profits in forex is not as easy as it seems. A few of these automated trading systems start out making money and then somehow break down after a few months…and others are just plain scams and do not consistently profit.

However, there ARE consistently profitable traders out there. Ashkan Bolour is his name, and he has been trading forex for years. However, it was only recently that he decided to automate his trading. You see, Ashkan has been a manual trader, and while he has been profitable, and had a very good life, he also wanted something more. He wanted more freedom. Ashkan asked a programmer, and friend, to turn his manual trading system into an automated trading system to free up some time, to allow him to enjoy his life.

Ashkan was absolutely blown away by the results.