This is a rebuild, not a retool

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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing the different aspects to a hockey system, their strengths, their weaknesses and the key differences between them. To date, we have mostly covered 5 on 5 play. In today’s NHL, there are basically four different types of power play strategies.

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My God, even AV emoted last week, if only for nanoseconds. Maybe he just swallowed his JuicyFruit. As Tanto, MC, if not others have posted, the emergent pride—post-deadline—is manifest.

Our keeper has seemingly regathered himself, displaying world-class skill all over again. Draft astutely; build from within. Inasmuch, perhaps look to add a complementary impact player, or two: Ryan Ellis, Auston Watson. I would rather get OEL. He also comes with alot of edge and chippy play as well as size and speed. Travares is a must have if his camp is coming to the NYR aware of the mini rebuild on the fly. If I learned one thing after watching so much playoff hockey is that you need a true elite 1c.

If people out there love Kreider than this would be the time to show it. JT is as fast as Zib with superior offensive skills. At this point Kreider could set a career high in goals and still be a or 58 point scorer. I think there will be a chance that JT approaches JG and they at least talk it over as a option. OK, so the Rangers make a few moves of which you approve and suddenly JG and you are on the same page. If the Rangers are committed to playing kids, why are Carey and McLeod playing?

Erik Karlsson is 27 years old and will probably still be playing hockey when all of the current Ranger defensemen are out of the league. I am not advocating acquiring him at any cost, but I would keep an open mind. I would keep Zuccarello, but then again, it does depend on what he would draw in trade. Seriously, can the Rangers win the Cup in — or is that absurd?

And if they can, how can you make it more likely without really endangering , etc. And with good drafting this year, there may be a few others as well. Unless you have written off the goaltending, is viable. How many years at around 10 mil per annum would you be willing to sign Tavares up for?

Seems to me that he would be looking for a deal that is quite lengthy. What would you be willing to shell out for Karlsson, for how many years? What does that do to the cap situation if they get a hold of some young talent they want to hold onto down the road?

I think they should go after both Tavares and Karlson. While this version of the Rangers was not great, the fell apart when the entire defense went down injured. Cap Friendly says he Rangers have 13 players signed for 50M for next year. If the Cap goes up to 80M like it is supposed to the Rangers could have 15 to 18M in Cap space and Karlson is under contract for another year.

Should the Rangers not use that Cap space? That makes no sense. So why not use it on two generational players? The best thing about Dolan, while he makes gobs of money on the team, he is willing to put it back into he team. I think he should keep doing that. I have this weird feeling like 2 or 3 of the elite free agents will try and create a super team somewhere. It would be a done deal if they wanted to build brand names in the city that never sleeps, charity and maximum exposure etc.

Hank showing the world that he still has it is insurance for D men like Doughty and Karlsson to come join this. OEL and Karlsson might want take discount to try and win a cup with their fellow countryman. While Karlsson is great, I feel we need a super forward. When you look at the Oilers, they have at least 2 studs. If there problem is on the defensive side, that that is where they went wrong. I think we have 5 solid defenseman, but only 4 solid wingers.

Islanders, Detroit, Vancouver, Oilers and to an extent Blackhawks are tanking this is how important this draft is. Paying Spooner north of 3. It sounded like he knew JT and Hayes will cost the same and be in the expensive bracket. It looked liked he knew if Namestnikov works out than he could low-ball as a top 9 player while paying for Hayes services.

If you go and read those interviews on that site that I told you than the questions surrounding Hank will be answered. To reiterate, this draft you will get 1st round caliber players deep into the 2nd round. Top 6 picks possibly 8 are going to be elite players….. Bovqist will be elite if he is a complimentary player….

Hayton and Veleno are interesting picks and should we slide down for the draft, …picks that could be real good or huge flops…Bode Wilde might be a good get too. I hope we tank into a position to draft Wahlstrom but as a consolation these picks will be picks to keep tabs on….. If we could get below 6 or 7 I think the lottery odds may be as good as 5 to 1. After 10 it would be a miracle.

We need to try to get to the top of the draft both this year and next finishing in the middle of the pack will kill us. If we are going to be picking in 10 to 20 range then why rebuild just go back to business as usual. Bench Hank force him out for his own good also.

What can we get for ZUC a high second? There are 5 or 6 good looking players at the top of this draft and here we are going the other way. When they left on the road trip I was thinking man we might be able to get to the 3rd or 4th worse record. I have ran the draft simulator now and an overwhelming pick is 10 with falling to 11…..

Islanders have the best chance of moving up a spot or 2 with the most massive increase of any teams…shooting up 7 to 11 spots. I was running it last week and we were coming up in the lottery like 3 out of 10 times. Now the odds are low. Thanks for standing on your head Hank! AV keep playing him maybe we can slip down another 4 or 5 slots.

I have not notice anyone pointing out that Brady S. Is it just me or is he always out of position? I also noticed but am very curious as to that being a product of this year and not as much about his play. I was hoping he was going to be a solid top 4. What about Smith we should bring him back up here and build him back to trade-able asset even if we have to eat some of the money. He does us no good with the Pack, he could be either here building his rep back or improving our draft position.

I say forget that, the odds are probably twice as good that we win the lottery and pick Dahlin. The market for Tavares would really have to disappear if we were to have a shot. Why would anyone want NYR to sign Tavares? Then again I feel the same way about kovy and i see people penciling him into the lineup too , go figure. No, stay away from all this nonsense! Ankles get poor blood flow, worried about long term prognosis.

With the revisions where they were shaving bone to restart blood flow is a giant red flag. Sounds like a ticking time bomb.

His on ice value. Puts up good numbers though this is his worst rate in years but even when he killed it on 5v5 the Sens bled shots and goals against when he was on ice. Who needs a Bill Walton on skates? Deblois was basically a bust being picked at 8 overall. Bossy passed over twice by the Rangers. That year, the Rangers could have thrown a dart on a dart board to make their pick and basically picked the only bust in the entire first round.

Maybe, but history is against you. Maybe that time has passed given the fact that the Rangers have already traded valuable assets. Nobody deals grade A prospects unless you give up a ton in exchange. An inefficient use of resources.

The only saving grace appears to be that the Rangers are drafting better. Chytil could be a steal. Andersson, not the same upside as Chytil but could be a strong NHLer for a long time.

We will see how the Rangers use these newly acquired assets, meaning they use them for trade or they use them for drafting. Drafting well means nothing without quality development. Not sure the team has done a good job of that, very sure that AVs usage has not been good in that regard.

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