Forex junkie & price action trading specialist! Here I share my knowledge & experinces with technical strategies, focusing on swing trading, and breakout trading. I am also obessed with trading psychology, and my new area of research - data mining & quantitative analysis.

Such a great and simple article. Even in one of your comments on your charts you mention planning, patience, and discipline. If there's a winning principle we abide by it's the open-door policy that enables outstanding communication with our portfolio managers.

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I had reached a point where I have simplified my indicators to the RSI and stochastic, but still fall into the same traps you have explained, and while not losing money, not making any either. I have even tried to get to understanding Institutional Order Flow, but I get bogged down. I trade predominantly Forex. I have seen the scenarios you describe plenty timds before, but never really recognised them.

I will be paying closer attention in the future. Here's to profitable trading! Great and enlightening article Wait, I don't get it. I love the content that you have especially this article. But, in your videos, all I see is indicators. I was thinking about buying the membership but I need it to where it's purely price action That's a good point, that is my battle station indicator - which is more than a tool rather than an indicator.

It monitors the chart for price action events and patterns and then reports it to our mobile phone or email. It's optional, and designed for those people who can't check the charts as often - it will alert you when there is something worth checking out.

This is a great article. It can help a lot without price but of great gratitude to the author. The author knows that sharing without cost is a best way to earn more!!! Thumbs up to the author. God Bless you more author! Thnak you for helping pepole and spacially for NOT trying to sell some crappy expert or indicator.

Hello Dale, wonderful job u have done here. Is there a rejection candle there? The Lord will bless you. Without the three steps you teach here, and without the aforementioned three principles of trading, one would be at. Thanks for this beautiful article.. Very helpfull, I have always been a price action trader and it has never failed me.

Cant argue that your inputs has made things much more clearer. Thank you and keep up the good work. Thank you very much for such an informative article. Such a great and simple article. Thank you so much. I said ok let me gain knowledge and wisdom. I prayed and I swear that's when I found your vids on YouTube. I wish I found them sooner. Thank you so much this has literally changed my family's life.

You taught me how to fish. And a great strategy. Thank you very much Sir. This website is a goldmine. Do you know that you've done a great job brother. Because of your articles I turned from a losing trader to a profitable one. I expect to join your war room soon! Where are you going Sunday? If a perfect signal appears on Sunday and is valid? Until what day you enter if the input signal appears? Do you let your open position on the sixth?

I really appriciate your work very nice artical and heplful information thank u so much. I am also a swing trader and am loving your free tutorials and guides, thanks mate. Awesome method, the one I was searching for, Thanks So Much. Very comprehensive and so valuable. Exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to getting better in my trading thanks to you. Thank you appreciate your article exactly what I needed to hear. Reminds of of another video on the same subject where the person says, why use old technology to predict the forex market.

What he was referring too was indicators created in the 50, 60, 70, 80 being used to predict what is happening in !! Not too say here that they are not useful but to my way of thinking I get hung up on all the noise without realizing the simplicity of the market. The best analogy here is the KISS principal keep it simple stupid!!.. Great inspiring write up.